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Solar system

Сонячна енергія

01_7_szklarnie_solar_2Solar system

Solar power is currently the world's fastest expanding renewable power resource, also in our horticulture projects. It’s cost-effective and do not generate pollutants of any type. With the help of solar panels you can produce energy for your greenhouse without having additional exploiting fossil fuels, making greenhouse fuel, radioactivity or poisonous waste, therefore contributing to reduce international warming.


KGP Solar Modules

KGP Greenhouses in cooperation with well-known solar panels manufacturer is providing the sophisticated solar system for your greenhouse. The new KGP Solar Module has been custom-built for mounting on top of greenhouses. The construction of KGP aluminum roof system provides possibility of integrating KGP Solar Modules in aluminum glazing bars of the greenhouse construction.

KGP Greenhouses is offering 2 standard kinds of KGP Solar Modules:
35% light transmission
58% light transmission
Other light transmissions are also possible on individual request.

KGP Solar Modules

  • optimized for horticulture Venlo greenhouses construction
  • sophisticated Europian technology
  • maximum use of roof surface
  • easy to install
  • variable solar panel thickness and dimensions is possible

Please contact our company for more information.